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Daniel W. Galhardo: Entrepreneur in fly-fishing industry. Launched Tenkara USA, seen as the most revolutionary fly-fishing company in the US in the last 30 years. Starting a new category in the fly-fishing industry dedicated to the "simple style of fly-fishing" - tenkara.
Tenkara is the traditional Japanese method of fly- fishing particularly good for small-stream angling and backpacking.
This is the knot I use for tying my tippet to level line and recently started using for tippet to fly as well, so it is my 'one-knot'." After 2 decades of using an improved clinch to tie my fly to tippet, I decided to give a new knot a real try. This knot was taught to me by Dr. Ishigaki a couple of years ago, but being so used to tying the improved clinch it was difficult to change. Then, while doing some instructional filming for an upcoming DVD and trying to find ways to simplify tenkara instructions, I was inspired to use this knot. It seems to be a slight variation of the Scaffold Knot, with two loops rather than 3, I will call it a “double-loop slip knot”. It is the exact same knot as tippet to level line, and very similar to the level line to rod tip knot. It is very quick to tie, and as I have found out it is a super strong knot. I have not yet lost a single fly to poor knots (that includes fishing with one fly and not replacing tippet at all for 2 1/2 days of fishing on a backpacking trip where I caught over 40 fish on it, and a subsequent trip with multiple 18-22″ fish).
If you’re looking into a new knot, or are new to fly-fishing and want a simpler set of knots, give this one a try. It has become my “one tenkara knot”.  Daniel W. Galhardo