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Always leave yourself enough working line to leave a decent tail-end to grip. Lubricate knots with saliva or water before pulling tight.
Pull knots as tight as possible. Do not cut the tail too close to the knot.
The Uni-Clinch knot for tying an eyed hook or snap swivel etc to a braided reel line, my ‘Uni-Clinch’ knot is both quick and easy to tie. John Wilson MBE
John Wilson MBE
Angling legend John Wilson MBE is one of the fishing world's most respected anglers and author of the bestselling Another Fishing Year, also well respected for his many TV programmes and fishing books.
He writes regularly for national newspapers and fishing magazines.
Voted The Greatest Angler of All Time in a 2004 poll by readers of the Angling Times newspaper. John’s favorite knot for attaching braided line to hook or swivel is the Uni-Clinch knot.