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John Wilson MBE
Angling legend John Wilson MBE is one of the fishing world's most respected anglers and author of the bestselling Another Fishing Year, also well respected for his many TV programmes and fishing books.
He writes regularly for national newspapers and fishing magazines. Voted The Greatest Angler of All Time in a 2004 poll by readers of the Angling Times newspaper.

For making a ‘stringer’ to retain large fish such as Nile perch, mahseer, arapaima, or Wels catfish etc, invest in some thick but supple strong, nylon cord. Parachute lines sold at Army surplus shops will do at a pinch, although catfish specialist shops also supply the ideal material. What is most important is to be able to form a large ‘loop’(which passes through the fishes mouth and out through its gill opening) that will not tighten while the fish is retained with the end of the rope tied to a bush, tree or stake.
To form the ‘stringer’ loop, start by tying a single ‘hitch’ 2-3 feet from the end of the cord. Now thread the cord through the fish’s mouth and out through its gill opening. Be careful not to disturb the rakers. Now pass the tab end through the hitch you made and tie a five turn grinner or uni knot around the cord. See Diagram. Tighten down against the hitch, and you have a large loop that cannot possible tighten any smaller. Practice a few times to make perfect. John Wilson MBE