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The Rigmaster.  Also works as an emergency fly tiers vice!
"This critically acclaimed anglers aid is a first in hair rig presentation. The Rigmaster allows anglers to measure the length of the hair perfectly time after time, for fantastic rig presentation, leading to more fish on the bank. It can be used with a wide variety of hook sizes from 2 to 22 and all hook link materials, available to today’s modern angler. The Rigmaster has specially designed 5mm grooves along its shaft which, when used with a knotless knot arrangement, allows anglers to create consistent hair lengths for use with a wide variety of baits. The Rigmaster is made from a tough yet light alloy material which won’t wear out. This makes the Rigmaster ideal for Match, Carp and Specimen Anglers alike. So if you have problems tying hair rigs, especially keeping the length of the hair consistant. The rigmaster is the only tool you need for creating hair rigs".